Thursday, May 20, 2010


There were times that I didn't think I would finish this challenge.  And yet I thoroughly enjoyed myself while I was making the layouts.  I was stumped a few times and had to wait for the inspiration to hit me, when I finally did I went with it.   I now have two completely full albums of some really fun pages.  I'M SO TOTALLY LOVING THEM!

Now, onto another challenge, ideas are brewing!   Thanks for coming by.


Michelle Tanedo said...

omg..i just love how..the books are sooo full!!! i would have loved doing this challene..are there any rules to follow? do you have to post them anywhere? or is it just for you to challenge urself? lol i would love to join a challenge like this..thanks for sharing.hugs,michelle

Mary said...

Michelle, Join anytime and attach a video of your finished pages to any of my 40 Day Challenge Scrapbooking Results on YouTube. Thanks and we'd love to have ya join us.