Sunday, September 26, 2010

Challenge 5: Chalkboard Technique (White ink on black, or any dark color)

Here's our new challenge for Week 5.  Can't wait to see your pages.  I googled "chalkboard technique" and it looks as though most artists are chalking over the ink.  Looks nice!  Google it!  Have fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Challenge 4 Page: Clustering your embellishments

Ok, so I couldn't wait any longer.  Here's the page I did for this week's challenge.  I really liked the concept of clustering the embellishments, it reminded me of collage type art, which I absolutely love. 

Here's the Nickel Nook's challenge results.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CHALLENGE 4: Cluster your embellishments

I already made this page at the retreat.  I'll post it later on this week.  Maybe I'll do another one, it was fun and I like the challenge.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I'm back from the retreat!

And boy am I tired!  I'm going to post the new challenge and sit quiet and watch a movie or something.  I'm just gonna sit back and do nothing. 

Overall, with 10 people attending we completed about 250 pages!  Not bad for 3 days, eh?

I have to add that I unfortunately only completed about 16 pages myself.  I really spent alot of time doing details this time.  Last year I completed 60 pages.  It's quite the difference this year.  I also had a really hard time focusing, I don't really understand why I was so distracted.  Next year I'm making page kits for the retreat. 

I'm all unpacked and I started scrapbooking again and it seems alot easier now that I am around all my stuff!  Go figure!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm at the Scrapbook Retreat

We made it!  The challenge pages below are the first pages that I completed at the retreat.  I wish I would have brought a paint brush and my color wheel.  I'll let ya know if I am wishing for anything else.  I am using my laptop for the color wheel, this sight has been helpful,  And I borrowed a paint brush from somebody else.  So all is well.

My room mate's finger turned out to be alot better than expected.  She saw the surgeon today and he doesn't recommend surgery.  Great news!  He gave her a new bandage, the emergency room bandage was up to her elbow and the one the surgeon gave is only on her finger.  So she's on her way.  She actually just arrived and I have to go down and help her unload!  Yeah!

My "Paint the Edges" layout

This time I did a 2 page layout,  because I had 10 photos to add.  I got the sketch from, this one is #30 and the color choice came from, this one is #136. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's another challenge page, this one was done by Adriann

This challenge was 3-3-3.   Well done Adriann!

Kudos to "The Nickel Nook" for finishing Challenge 3!

Take a look here:


One more day until we leave.  I'm preparing things to go and I'm preparing the house and family for my absence.  A woman's work is never done. 

I am planning on doing my challenge page at the retreat.  I'm bringing my camera and laptop so that I can upload it before Sunday's new challenge.  I will be posting updates of the retreat on my blog as well.  So if you like, come on back and see what's happening. 

I got a call late last night from my room mate as she was leaving the emergency room, it seems she has cut her finger really bad and may need surgical ligament repair and may not be able to come. (her left hand/she's right handed)  We talked today and she is thinking that  she may be coming after all, just a little later.  So we'll see how that turns out. 

All else is progressing as planned*.

*God willing of course.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

CHALLENGE 3: Painting the Edges

Challenge 3 of the 52 Week Scrapbooking Challenge

This week's challenge is to paint the edges.  Which means using acrylic paint (which is acid free) to color the edges of your papers, or your photos, or your accents, whatever and whichever you decide, just paint the edges.  Have fun!

Packing for a Weekend Crop

In an effort to be organized and productive I made the following videos.  I hope that I will find myself very organized and productive at our yearly crop coming up this week.  I also hope that I won't want for anything. 

It's very hard for me to pack for something like this since I have ladies over to my house every week and I always have all my "stuff" around me.  So for me to pack is really a hard task. 

I'm feeling really good about what I'm bringing this time.  Last year I didn't really know what I was going to scrapbook and this year I chose 3 themes with their pics and projects already decided.  So that will help alot.

The picture below is from last year,  in the brown/green photo containers are all my cricut cartridges, manuals and keypads which I won't need to bring this year.  The stamp and marker tower isn't coming either.  So I've eliminated those two items.  (I bought the Gypsy a couple weeks ago and I love it!)  Behind me are all my bags and I had two large bins which aren't coming this time.  Yeah!

Part 1 Packing for a Weekend Crop

Part 2 Packing for a Weekend Crop

Part 3 Packing for a Weekend Crop

Part 4 Packing for a Weekend Crop

Part 5 Packing for a Weekend Crop

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Doodling Page

Well, here it is, my doodling page.  At first I had no idea what I was going to do.  The thought came to me that I wanted to start out doodling on a decorative sheet of paper instead of plain cardstock so that was the first thing I chose.  Then, I went through my templates to see what I had and pulled out the flower template and the swirls template.  Then I traced everything in pencil first just to make sure I liked it.  I then traced over it again with a brown marker.  After finishing and coloring in my doodle I had to find some pics to go on the page.  The ones I chose were from about 30 years ago (so don't laugh).  My "disco" days.  Awww, what the heck, it was a fun time in my life.  Anyway, I thought the coloring and the quantity (4 pics) fit really well.  

Since I scrapbook with my friends on Wednesday evenings, most of my challenges will be posted on Thursdays.

FYI:  I'm checking all of your blogs (the ladies who are joining me on this challenge) to see your uploaded 52 Week Scrapbooking Challenge pages. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Check this out!

CHALLENGE 2: Doodling

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge! Doodling

For this challenge I'm thinking it would be fun to do some hand doodling. I've never done that technique before. I have no problem with anyone using some of those creatively whimsical stencils out there. The main thing is that you have to use your hand and a pen to adhere to your page. Have fun!!