Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm back from the retreat!

And boy am I tired!  I'm going to post the new challenge and sit quiet and watch a movie or something.  I'm just gonna sit back and do nothing. 

Overall, with 10 people attending we completed about 250 pages!  Not bad for 3 days, eh?

I have to add that I unfortunately only completed about 16 pages myself.  I really spent alot of time doing details this time.  Last year I completed 60 pages.  It's quite the difference this year.  I also had a really hard time focusing, I don't really understand why I was so distracted.  Next year I'm making page kits for the retreat. 

I'm all unpacked and I started scrapbooking again and it seems alot easier now that I am around all my stuff!  Go figure!

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NickelNook said...

*gasp* I would say that the weekend was an overwhelming success! Some rest is definitely in order! :o)