Saturday, November 27, 2010

Challenge 14 Creative Punching

Here are some examples of ideas for you:

go here

or check out ChicnScratch videos, search for "Lamb Animal Punch" to get you started,

or go here,

lots of fun stuff,
remember to have fun!!!  TTYS


NickelNook said...

Oh dear!! lol

Mary said...

I posted the challenge a day early, on saturday instead of Sunday, ooops, I guess I got my days mixed up - maybe that's a good thing, we might need that extra day. I hope you have punches Nancy! If not, you can always improvise. Have fun!!

NickelNook said...

lol...I didn't even notice that because I didn't see it until Sunday! I could have used the extra time on this one! I do have a couple of punches but I'm just not sure about this one Mary!...YIKES!!

Mary said...

oh boy! I have complete faith in your creativity! You can do it!