Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi Everybody,  I'm back from our wonderful trip and falling back into my normal everyday life routine, which can be quite comforting.  Now that the holidays and my vacation are over I can re-focus on my crafting and arts.

I've been spending the last week or so trying to find my muse, which went missing somewhere between Christmas and now.  I've lost my momentum and my desire to create.  I invited a couple friends over to scrapbook with me last Wednesday night and that helped to get me going again.

I also started doing the work of an online class I'm taking.  I'm in Willowing's LifeBook 2012.  I finished the first two classes and will begin the third soon.  If I'm feeling brave I'll post my paintings for you all.  The overlying theme of the class is emphasizing your inner "goddess".  But, since I don't care for or believe in that philosophy I have taken a 360 degree turn in a direction that I can live with.  Instead of celebrating "my inner goddess" I have decided to celebrate my salvation and the One who gave it to me.  I can use this course to learn more about art styles and techniques and at the same time worship the One who gives me life. 

Here's a few highlights from our trip:

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