Friday, March 9, 2012

**UPDATED Repurposed Purse to Travel Sketch Kit

 When everything was said and done I realized that I needed another pocket for my Windsor & Newton travel watercolor case.  I cut some more denim fabric from the old pair of jeans I had. I boxed the bottom corners of the pocket to make the pocket very roomy.  I had to hand sew it to the base because I had already adhered the base to the purse. 

I decided to put my ink pen, water brush and stick eraser in the front pocket, they fit snug enough where they won't fall out.
Side view with the new pocket.
Alternate sideview with new pocket.
 This is my travel watercolor case that I had to accommodate with this new pocket.
I added a ribbon tie closure to the top of this new pocket to keep it shut.  Here it is now, finally finished.  Yeah!


NickelNook said...

That worked out really well! I love how compact it is, and still is after the addition!
You've made some big changes to your blog! It looks great! I don't like the new comment system because there doesn't seem to be a "subscribe" option. It's not just yours it's everyone's! Unless I'm just not seeing it! lol So if anyone is responding to me...I'm missing it completely! haha I can leave a long, rambling comment, and I'll never know what they actually thing about it! ;o)
Have a great weekend, Mary!
Nancy :o)

Mary said...

Thanks Nancy, they're always changing something arent' they. I say "leave well enough alone", but that isn't the case on these websites. I guess that's how technology is. Ho hum!