Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey Everybody,

I'm giving you all a short update of what's been going on in my life.  I've been bitten by the "Spring Cleaning Bug".  I've cleaned and organized before, BUT never at this level.  I don't  know what's going on with me, but my passion right now is to get this house in order.  I've cleaned and organized, my kitchen cupboards, the pantry, my linen closet, my closet (no small feat there), the bathroom cupboards and my bookshelves.  I've purged boxes and boxes of stuff, thrown out bags of garbage and purchased bins and containers to organize what I've kept.  And I feel great!  I haven't touched some of those places in 20 years, since we've moved into this house.

I feel much lighter and I've found things that I forgot I had and didn't even know that I had.  I know where everything is and it feels wonderful.  I recommend you take a cupboard or closet and go thru it, it's fun.  Keep only what you love.

Oh, I also purchased a planner, calendar to get my time under control as well, since I can't remember anything.  I'll post of video of what I'm using soon.  I also started a home binder (found this idea on youtube, look it up).

I'll post some pics of the after shots soon.  I was so on fire to do this that I didn't stop long enough to take before pictures, just imagine utter chaos and excess and you'll have an idea of what it looked like before.

I'm hoping that this Spring Cleaning episode will lead me to a higher level of creativity.

See you all soon.


ScrappyKsue said...

OUCH! That must have hurt! I am exhausted just reading your post. Whew! ~Karen Sue

Zeffy said...

Oh Mary that Bug was at my house about a month ago...I went crazy same thing,,and in the evenings i would watch organization vids on UTUBE! It feels good to get organized and i think it generates lots of positive energy...
I also love your denim pocket in your previous post...i am off to check out your video...TFS

NickelNook said...

Yes, my dear friend! It has been THAT long since you've visited! I've missed you very much but it was lovely to hear from you! :o)
I was busy yesterday working on a page for the 52 Week Challenge! lol I only have 4 more to go...but I really don't want it to be over!
Yay for you and your huge project! I've been doing the same thing but over a much longer period of time. It's a real process, isn't it? What a sense of accomplishment though! I'm about to start another big reorganization of part of my studio! I LOVE doing that! Please stop by again SOON! :o)

NickelNook said...

BTW...your blog looks FABULOUS!! :o)

Ann Marie said...

want to come to my house next?

Anonymous said...

Wow you've been busy, that's on my list of things to do, first I started to get organised using a Filofax, next come the cupboards, I was sort of dreading it but feel quite inspired after reading your blog, so thanks :) x