Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Empty Nesters!

After 24 years of rearing my two boys, my husband and I are now empty nesters.  We've had to relinquish control little by little over the years so it wasn't a shock.  In fact, it's more of a freedom that I'm embracing.  I love my boys, but they need to embrace their independence and fly the coop, which they have.

It's a little strange though because I'm trying to find my new "groove".  I seem to be floundering a bit trying to figure it all out.  Things are so different now.  I do find myself cleaning a little deeper and reading books from my "to read" pile.  It's all good!

I'm taking it day by day.

A friend encouraged me to have a SB retreat at my house in October, which I decided to do.  It was the weekend that we always took off for a few days, but now I don't have anyone to care for our pets while I'm gone, so we'll just have the retreat here.  Which means no packing, yeah!

I am still doing an ATC swap with a couple friends every month, I'll try and get those pics uploaded soon.

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