Thursday, July 4, 2013

Re-organized Clear Cling Stamps

I had to do something to re-organize my clear cling stamps.  I didn't want to have to purchase anything, so I gleaned through what I already had around the house.  This is what I came up with. 

Originally I had stored these stamps in binders and also in a small accordion file.  That definitely wasn't really working for me, I couldn't find what I wanted and alot of these stamp sets were forgotten about.  So by re-organizing them I hope to use them. 

So, the first thing I did was I sorted the stamps by size and type.  For my Tim Holtz stamps I kept them on their cards that they came with and then placed them inside some cellophane bags that I had. 

After that, I found some large white envelopes that I turned into large pockets for the stamps that I had placed on 8-1/2 x 11 binder cards.  I stamped the images of the stamps that they contained on the fronts.
I already had 3 plastic cases for clear stamps that goes in a binder.  I stamped the images on a sheet of cardstock and placed it in the front of each case so I could easily see what's in them. 
I had purchased some Close To My Heart folders years ago, that I gathered up and placed the rest of the binder cards in, after making sure that all the images were placed on the card so that I could easily see what is there.

After re-situating these stamps, I placed them all into a turquoise colored large bin that fits nicely on my shelf. 

As for the smaller sets I found some cellophane bags that were the perfect size for the largest of the small sets so I decided to use those.  They'll work perfect as clear pockets.  I cut white card stock to fit perfectly inside these cellophane bags.  The size was 6 x 8-1/4.  After the white card stock was in place I filled each one with a stamp set.

I made indexes for sorting, and then I found this white basket that held the cards perfectly and now that sits on my shelf too. 
That was it, all finished!!!

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