Monday, July 11, 2016

What I've Been Doing Creatively Lately

My focus has turned aside a bit from Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and such to more of a Multi Media Artist.  At a recent retreat I created the art posted below.  These first pics are acrylic paintings that I did from watching some youtube instructional videos.  Links with the photos.

Acrylic Painting:

 YouTube video found here.
Photo of this silhouette was found on Google Images by Kathryn Dow.

 This fun Van Gogh Sunflowers/Starry Night tutorial is found here.
The horse and the cat were done in pan pastel and are copies of one of my favorite artists Franz Marc, the other picture is a watercolor galaxy, I was trying it out, but wasn't very successful. The acrylic painting of the birch trees and moon is found here.

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