Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Baby, It's Cold Outside!" This is for Marlene.

Marlene is enjoying (or I hope she is) her 80 degree weather, I'm enjoying gas heat in my living room.  Here's the pics you requested Marlene.  I like to feed the birds here at the feeders.  We have lots of Cardinals, Juncos, Tree Sparrows, Cow birds and I even saw a Robin, he must've missed his "flight".   MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Marlene said...

THANK YOU! My friend. It looks so beautiful. 80 degree weather is nice but, not on Christmas. We've had lots of rain today, maybe we'll get cooler days coming up. That means for us 70 degree he, he, he.
Your bird house looks so cute out there, I'm sure the birds LOVE you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!