Sunday, January 9, 2011

Challeneg 20! Make a title on your page that uses different letters/fonts

Try to use up those leftover letters from your sticker stash, or brads, or die cuts.  Whatever you have mix it up in a title on your page.  I couldn't find an example to show you anywhere.  So be creative and use up those leftover letter stickers.  Have fun!


NickelNook said...

Oh no! This will be tough because I don't have any "leftovers"! haha Yes...creativity will be needed here! :o)

Mary said...

No leftovers? That's pretty good Nancy! The try using different computer fonts, stamps or stencils maybe. Hope that helps. Remember, just have some fun playing with letters.

NickelNook said...

I got my page up Mary! There's a message for you in the post! :o)