Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stop Crop and Shop Was a Success!

We enjoyed our 12 hour day of scrapbooking.  We got there at 9:45 to unpack and set-up.  We each had a 6' table, which was ideal.  Guess what table number I had? 
They gave us lunch and supper with snacks.  For lunch we had a stuffed potato bar, with chili, cheese, sour cream, green onions, etc.  For supper there was Lasagna and a green salad.  All was very good and filling.  The vendors weren't as I thought they would be.  I thought they would be scrapbooking stores with booths, but what it was was independant consultants of different companies, like Creative Memories, Party Lite, some Purse company, Tastefully Simple, and there was one Reiki healer and one independant candy maker.  So that was a little dissappointing, but it made me be more focused on actually scrapbooking. 

  For this event I made some "page kits".  I bought some really neat page planner envelopes, here's a link:  I really thought that they worked out really well.  I first chose my photos I wanted to scrapbook, then I chose a "sketch card" from my Becky Fleck books, one set has rounded corners, the other set has square corners (which is very nice, now I'll know which deck to put them back in) 
Then I chose the cardstock color for the base of the page, then some decorative paper, close to the size I would need.  I really didn't want alot of scraps, so I cut the papers close to what they would end up being.  Then I chose the embellishments, stamps, etc. that would go well with the page.  Everything for the page fit very nicely in the page planner folder.  Below are some pics of one of my planners filled.   I stuck the layout card in the front pocket, the 12 x 12 papers in the next pocket and then behind that is a half pocket for all the embellishements.

Here's the cover of the  filled page planner.

This is the back of the page planner filled with embelly's.

This is the layout card I chose.
Using these page planners worked out really well for me and I felt that I was very productive. 


A basket filled with some fun Valentine stuff!

And this Stampin Up stamp set

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NickelNook said...

Oh Mary! Yay for you!! Productivity & prizes? What a happy day! :o)