Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm totally getting into this organizing thing.  I have always been gaga over stationary, pens, office supplies and the like for as long as I could remember.  I also love organizers.

Before my iPhone, I had a couple pocket pc's, until they both crashed and were useless. Before that I used organizers.  I remember a pretty red vinyl quilted one, that I got at Target.  I had designed my own divider pages for it and made the organizer my own. And, before that one I had a black, leather like, one that I also enjoyed. 
Also with that I kept a 6 x 9 binder that I tracked my short and long term goals, any projects and to do lists.  That was fun to keep.   

I miss my organizers! I like my iPhone, BUT, I also love to write, notes, goals and to-do lists and stuff like that. You know "mind processes".  Hehehe!  Since I love to write and record things I thought it would be fun to get involved with an organizer again.

Sooooo, I decided I would get a Filofax this time.  I found lots of YouTube videos and lots of blogs about them.  I liked what I saw.  So, I purchased one on Ebay and can't wait for it to come.  It's a Cuban Personal.

Filofax Cuban Chilli Personal Organizer NEW In Box
This Domino mini was on sale on the Filofax website, 30% off.  I bought it for tracking my projects and to-do lists or who knows maybe I'll change my mind and use it for something else.  It will easily fit in my purse. Domino, Organizers

Click here to see what I'm talking about.  

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Anonymous said...

I love my iphone and would be totally lost without it, but for a diary and organising you just can't beat pen and paper, I too have always love stationary so it's the best of both worlds!! :)