Saturday, June 30, 2012

Re-thinking this Filofax thing

I was browsing the Filofax website and noticed that the Chameleon A5 in Aqua was marked off 50% last week.  Well, I couldn't resist and I bought one.  I mean, come on, it was half off!!!

When I originally bought my first Filofax on Ebay, I bought the Raspberry Finsbury in A5.  The seller contacted me and told me that that one was out of stock and would take a little longer to get.  I didn't want to wait longer, so I looked back in their store and found a Cuban Personal in Chilli and asked them to swap them out.  They obliged and a few days later the Cuban came and I really like it alot.  I set it up and started using it.  It fit in my purse nicely.

A couple days later I received the Domino Mini in purple, I ordered this one because it was on sale and thought I would use it as a food journal.  But now that I have it I set it up with some homemade index dividers made from Scrapbook paper.  I got the month at a glance calendar pages and I labeled my dividers Personal, Home, Family, Other and Blogs.  I plan to keep it on my end table in my living room to jot down things I want to remember from TV, books or from my laptop.

Now with 3 Filofaxes I had to decide between the A5 and the Personal.  I chose the A5.  I put the Cuban away in its box and plan to use it later sometime, or sell it.  I moved into my A5 and I love it.  I'll give a tour after I become comfortable with its workings.  Right now it's trial and error.

Here's a pic of my beauty's:

I couldn't resist the ColorClick pen I got on Amazon right here. It actually works pretty well.  I bought a sampler of different multi-ink pens and really didn't expect much from this one, but I really like it alot.  I mean, come on, 10 colors in one pen!  It's a little chunky to use, but fun to change the colors.  The pages I write on look so pretty and colorful.  


Samantha Jenkins said...

Hi Mary ...loving your dividers too!! That's a great idea to jot down stuff in ...I put bits on scraps of paper then lose them ...might have to create another section now in my file :-)

Gail said...

Wow, I had one of these pens when I was in school....some 20+ years ago and I used it forever. lol The ink lasted and lasted in it...wonder what happened to it. I loved it.