Friday, August 10, 2012

AJC - #10 (One-Third of the Way Finished)

I took some inspiration for this one from a drawing my son did year's ago.  I really liked some of his lines and playful take on things.  *(I think he was getting it from one of the Mario Bros video games)  I was using oil pastels like watercolors in that I was using Turpenoid as the water.  I finished with paint pens. It worked really well in small areas but not so much in the larger areas.  It was a beautiful day outside and that's where I chose to create this page.  Along with a large glass of Tazo Passion Sun Tea, Yum!   Doesn't it look peaceful and unearthly?


Tracy Reinhardt said...

Mary, I love the artwork! I keep trying to start something like this but it never happens!


Trish said...

I love that you used your son's artwork as a prompt for this page. He should art journal too! *L* Good job!

Mary said...

Hey Trish, I would love for my son to art journal (he's 24 now) and encourage him to do so. He's serving in the Army right now, he's stateside living on base. He would really benefit from art journaling, it's very therapeutic!