Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Organizing My Recipes

I decided to have two seperate binders, one for recipes I've made and we've all loved and then the other binder is for recipes that I really, really want to try.  The reason I'm doing this is because I want a one-stop place where I can go to to create weekly menus. 

I hate, hate, hate the 5:00 PM "figure out what's for dinner" scene.  I'm thinking that this will help me immensly also to stay on track with Weight Watchers.  If I know "what's for supper" then I know how to eat the rest of the day.

I copied (with a printer) my tried and true favorite recipes out of my cookbooks too, so that they could be in the binder as well.  I used different sorts of sheet protectors to fit everything in there, no matter what size it was. 
When I'm done I'm going to keep these binders in my kitchen where they will be accessible and convenient.  Once a week, I'll fill in my weekly menu chart that I have on my fridge and make a grocery list. 

This is Oscar waiting for my husband to come in the door after a hard day's work.  He heard his truck pull in the driveway and here he waits.  Isn't he cute!  How sweet is that!  (Tip:  Leather furniture is great when you have animals that think the furniture is theirs.  I can just wipe it down, cause you all know what's under that tail, LOL)

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