Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Altered Book Flip

Nancy this is for you! 


NickelNook said...

Thanks so much for doing this Mary! Your book is amazing, and how fun that your friends have contributed! By the way, I got all three of your comments from youtube, so who's the funny one now? lol I do know that "next year" is only three weeks away but if I say it that way I have lots more time to think of adding another project! ha
I do have a question please? Did you remove pages from this book before you started? How did you pick your book? Okay, I had two questions and I may have more! Thanks again Mary! :o)

Mary 2ScrapAlot.blogspot.com said...

I meant to send just one youtube comment, but then I realized I sent all three, oh well, once you send it out, it's gone forever, right?

First I acquired the books from yards sales, thrift shops, etc. Any old hardcover book will do. Then I went through the book and glued 3 to 4 pages together. At that point I started working in the book like you saw in the video. We also swapped our books with each other as you also saw.

I would really like to finish mine. Have you seen the videos from friday eudaemonism. Here's her blog http://fridayeudaemonism.blogspot.com/ I love how she makes working in her journals look so easy. It's a fun way to use up stuff. Along with scrapbooking, I've always enjoyed the arts, mostly mixed media. Hope this helps. Would love to see you try this, I think you'll really like it.