Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here's my Challenge 14 Punch Art Page!

This one was alot of fun!  I saw tons of ways to use punches out there in "web land" and wanted to try alot of them.  But, as I started putting this page together it just developed into what you see here.  I used various Stampin' Up punches.  I know the "marionette" Heron is a stretch, but it did get approval from my Scrappin' Buddies, so there you go!  Can't wait to see yours!


NickelNook said...

A marionette Heron....hmmm?? Well, obviously that means ANYTHING goes! lol I HOPE to get to mine today! Yours looks great! :o)

Mary said...

LOL, it's just so silly and to see it in writing is even funnier...I'm totally blushing about my "marionette" Heron.

NickelNook said...

So much fun though, right? lol I love it, Mary!
My page is done! Hey...maybe I should have made it a marionette too! :o)