Monday, July 30, 2012

A Happy Pile Of Filos!

I've had planners in the past and have always enjoyed using them.

A few years ago, my brother-in-law had an extra palm pilot from his business that nobody was using so he gave it to me.  I was very excited to enter into that realm of technology.  I enjoyed using it and putting in lots and lots of data.  Data that would help me if I needed it.  I had birthdays, my calendar, games, our furnace filter size and other household details that could come in handy.  I had doctors, insurance agents, policy numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc, etc, etc... the list goes on.  Then one day my little "brain" wouldn't turn on.  ALL WAS LOST!  (stupid thing!)

So I decided that the best thing to do was to purchase a brand  new one, one that hadn't been used before like this previous one.  I bought the new one added all the data again and then one day it happened again.  It wouldn't turn on.  Urggghh, talk about being frustrated and angry!  That was it for me, no more palm pilots, or personal hand held computers.

I was floundering for years, forgetting appointments, birthdays and all that stuff.  I pretty much just kept a calendar on my refridgerator.  Obviously, that wasn't working very well.  That's why I decided to get back into using a planner.  I started out using the Planner Pad, which I liked very much, but didn't use it as it was intended, so I felt that I was wasting it.  Planners are always so dependable, providing you don't lose it.  I've never lost one yet, they're always there, ready to take information or give it.  I'm so happy to be back on that track again.  Oh, I do use my iPhone too, but I won't depend on that.  My planner is where it's at for me now!
Here's a pic of a pile of our Filofaxes. Isn't it lovely!  The Ochre Malden was a gift to my son for leaving for College.  I took this pic before I received my Vintage Pink Malden.  I'll have to gather them all up again and take another pic so it's more recent.  Third from the top is a Filofax Flex folder.


Helen Conway said...

i love How that Ochre with its big rings is so FAT! It is obviously well used!

Mary said...

Hi Helen, It's funny, but I just bought that one for my son who's leaving for college soon. I helped him set it up, but he is yet to use it. It's my favorite out of all of them. The A5 chameleon comes in second.