Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little Gift for My Son - A Filofax, Malden in Ochre

My son is leaving for University at the end of August and I thought that he would love his very own Filofax.   Soooooo - I purchased him a Malden Personal Size in Ochre.  I also purchased him the Chicago map insert.  He'll be needing that because his school is right Downtown Chicago.  I'll feel better when I know he knows his way around.  He was very excited to receive it.  Of course, I had to get my hands on it.  I helped him set it up.

I loved the smell, the supple feel of the leather and the "dated" look that this Malden had, and since it was on sale, I had to buy one for myself in Vintage Pink (should arrive tomorrow). I haven't seen this color in person and can't really get a good look from anywhere online, I hope I like it. 

I am restricting myself at this point from buying anymore binders.  I just started with Filofax around the middle of June and now I have 5 binders.  I figured out a use for 4 so the 5th one will be a challenge, but I WILL find a use for it. 

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