Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage Pink Malden filofax

I picked up this Vintage Pink Malden after I saw my son's Ochre Malden.  I love how the Malden looks "aged" and feels so supple.  I especially like that it lays flat.  But, I really, really love the ochre Malden best.   I can live with the Vintage Pink color, it's very nice too.  I took a picture of it in the sunshine to try to show it's true color,  because I had a hard time deciphering it's correct color from all the photos I found on the web.  Hope it helps someone.

I decided to make this Personal size Malden my take along daily calendar, notes, and prayer journal.  I've changed my personal Cuban into a food journal and exercise tracker.    So currently I'm living very happily in 5 Filofaxes and they are:

A5 Aqua Chameleon - used for long and short term goals, to do lists, planning, etc.

Personal Cuban - used for food journal, menu planning, exercise tracker, health and fitness

Personal Malden - used for take along daily calendar, notes, prayer journal

Pocket Chameleon - used as my wallet, grocery/shopping lists

Mini Domino - used as a note pad on my living room end table

I couldn't imagine trying to fit all of that information in one Filofax.  They're all kind of fat as it is.  Below are some more pics of my Malden. 

The pen shown was part of a pen and pencil set that someone gave me as a gift and it matches beautifully, that was a happy unplanned thing. 

Below are 3 of my Filofax family, not shown are my Mini Domino in purple and my Personal Cuban in Chilli.

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Jan Harrison said...

I just got a personal Maldrn in the vintage pink after coming back to Filofax after a long absence. I love love love my Malden, but just about to upsize it for an A5. Won't be able to part with the personal though, and now have to spend a small fortune getting all the bits for an A5!