Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organized the Filofax Way!

Ok, I think I've got it figured out.  I finally know exactly what to use all my Filos for.  I was carrying around my A5 in my purse for a week or so and really loved having it with me all day, BUT, it was weighing me down.  So that's when I pulled the Personal Cuban back out of my closet.  I had to develop a plan so that I could use all my Filos.  Here's the plan I came up with:

Mini:  (Purple Domino) to keep on the end table, in my living room, next to me as I read, surf the net or watch TV, to jot down things that I want to remember, like quotes, addresses, thoughts and/or ideas that hit me, etc...

Pocket:  (Raspberry Chameleon) Will live in my purse, obviously, because I'm using this one as my wallet with sections for shopping lists, budgeting, frequent shopping cards, etc...

Personal:  (Chili Cuban)  This one will live in my purse, and I will track my work hours, birthdays, appointments, special outings, dates, vacations, etc...  It will be my main activity calendar, with a notes section, a prayer list section and a section called 4A5, which will be used to jot down items that I want to transfer to my A5.

A5:  (Aqua Chameleon) This one will live on my desk/table.  It will contain my long and short term goals, projects with project breakdowns, books read, daily and weekly to-do's, things to remember and keep track of  internet classes.  Oh yeah, and this will be my meal planner as well.  Pfew!

I'm very excited now that I have a workable plan so that I can use all my little beauties in a very organized way.  Maybe after using them for a little while I'll do an updated video of how it's going.   I'm tired, and I'm off to dreamland now after getting my Filos set up the way that they'll be used.  Thanks for checking in. Ta Ta For Now!

This is from my July 8th Delivery from Filofax!  My favorite kind of package!


Lime Tree said...

Mary, your blog is beautiful!!!!
How come I hadn't' seen that before! :D
Look at that yummy font! Seems like you just got a sharpie and started writing on the computer! LOVE IT!

Good luck managing all your Filofaxes! I am still learning :)

Marlene said...

Hi Mary, love your blog! Thank you for visiting mine and for your seet comment. Loving your Filofax, they are so beautiful and I like how you labeled them. Had no idea one was called a Cuban. Well, at least is not a "crazy Cuban" like my hubby from Jersey lovenly calls me, lol. So glad to see you also have a YT channel.